Alvin Ord's

History of Alvin Ord`s

The “Salvation” Sandwich at Alvin Ord’s Sandwich Shop is the original creation of Alvin Ord Johnston. In 1970, Alvin Ord Johnston was living in Longview, TX. Alvin Ord had devoted his life to the church and spent a great deal of time reading & studying.

His mother, Gertrude Wallace, was locally famous for her family bread recipes. Alvin, who enjoyed experimenting in the kitchen, developed a sandwich that became very popular with family & friends. The sandwich, prepared on Gertie's famous bread, became so popular that Alvin was encouraged to open a sandwich shop & sell his creation to the public. Austin, TX was chosen as the first site to market this unique product.

Alvin's two nephews, Rick and John Skinner, both students at University of Texas - Austin, helped Alvin Ord with the restaurant. In the small shop on South Congress Ave., they baked bread daily in strict accordance with Gertrude's recipe & instructions.

Then one day, on January 31, 1972, Rick opened the shop to find the business books and records lying open in the kitchen, up to date and in perfect order. There was no note of explanation, but Alvin Ord was gone. Since that date, the only contact Alvin has made with his family was to let them know he was all right and was trying to gain acceptance into the order of Trappist Monks in Washington State.

In June, 1978, Rick opened a new sandwich shop on Guadalupe St. in Austin. Rick named the shop after his uncle, Alvin Ord. The shop was an immediate success. Since then, additional shops have opened, most notably in Beaufort, SC (est. 1983) and now Charleston, SC (est. 2020).

Each shop works hard to live up to the high standards set forth by Alvin Ord by baking the bread from scratch and utilizing fresh ingredients & quality deli meats. Our mascot, the little monk, is a daily reminder to uphold our sandwiches and food to his high standards.